Thomas Ruston to Joseph Burr, 11-02-1794

Summary: Speculation in Virginia lands.

Philada Nov: 2d: 1794


I received your letter of Oct: 13th- and have wrote to Mr Austin desiring him to conclude an agreement for me, with Mr Gains alowing him sixpence per Acre for his proportion, at the rate of Ten Thousand Acres for every hundred Thousand Acres the surveys and returns, provided it is of such a quality as meets your approbation. Thus if he returns three Hundred Thousand Acres, he will be entitled to Thirty thousand Acres, for which I shall alow him sixpence an Acre out of the sales, if he returns more it will be so much the better for Mr Moses Austin, as he is to be entitled to one third inclusive of Mr Gains share. I rely on your care in seeing that the best land is picked out, and the refuse rejected, and hope there will be no further delay as I have come both into Mr Gains and Mr Austins terms. I shall be glad to hear from you as often as possible ; that I may know how you get on

Thos. Huston

[Addressed:] Mr Joseph Burr at the Lead Mines Austinville Virginia