Moses Austin to Sam McCraw, 03-16-1795

Summary: Virginia lands.

[Copy by Moses Austin.]

Memorandum of Lands Delivered John D Blanchard and Geo Lauman on Acct of a Contract made with them in March 16 1795

To my part of the Survey in Grayson___________________________ 52, 000

To A Survey in Wythe County_____________________________ 22,000

To A Survey in D° d° __________________________________ 3,000

To A Survey in d° d° __________________________________ 10,000

To A Survey in d° d°__________________________________ 24,099

To a Survey in d° d° ________________________________ 2,930

To a Survey in d° d° ____________________________________ 7,000

$120, 999

The above lands have all been Delivered to John D Blanchard and Geo Lauman in Discharge of my Contract made with them in the Month of March 1795, 16 Day, part of the Expense on which are still Due me agreeable to the Statement N° 4 and which is agreeable to said Contract the money Charged said Blanchard and Lauman in the General acct herewith sent you was paid on lands taken up for them as will fully appear by a reference to the Land Office for the survy made for them in Grayson County by me you will finde that the Memorandum No 3 is the Expences stated to arise on a Survey of 100 000 acres which Lands have not been returned 2/3 of which onely—Blanchard and Lauman have a right to clame these I withhold for the following Reason first because they are in my Debt $1634.50 for expence on the 120 thousand acres sold them Second because John D Blanchard has not accounted to me for a quantity of goods Put in to his hands for sale Its well to notice that all the money Charged in the General Acct. is for the use of the John D Blanchard Geo Lauman and Jos Burr all of which has been accounted for and paid as there stated by the return of a Survey of Land made in Grayson of 150 thousand Acres, nor can Blanchard or Lauman Clame any thing from me except the money in statement N° 3—against which I have a demand on them of 1634.50/100 as before mentioned the amount of the sum I have on a survy of 43 thousand acres of Land in my hand which I hold and Intend to hold untill I am paid for the goods to prove this Clame against Blanchard I have requested Mr Stephen Austin to send forward Blanchards recpt. for said goods and also to state to you how much he has paid on that acct.

[No. 1]

Memorandum of Sundry fees and expences on the Survey of Land in Grayson County Viz

Surveyors fee Dolls C

for the first 400 Acres___________________________________ 5.25

For 246.93 Acres @ 25 Ct. pr acre_________________________ 615.25

For Expence of obtaneing prior Clames____________________ 30.0 Doll C

650. 50

regester fee in Richmond

Doll C

For giveing recpt for Platt_______________________________________ 10

For p[l]atting first 400 Acres_____________________________ 1.26

For the balence say 246.93 Acres @ 1 Doll pr thousend____________________________________ 246.10

247 46

For Cash agreed to pay Newell____________________________ 200

For do agreed to pay Gaines___________________________ 200

For other Expences Chane Carriers etc____________________ 20 0

1317 96

To Blanchard and Lauman for expence of l/2_______________ 658 98

To Jos Burr___________________________________________ 658 98

870 33

To Moses Austin his expence______________________________ 447 33

1317. 96

I have Drawn a Draft on John D. Blanchard for One thousand Dollars which will make Moses Austin Chargable with One Hundred and Twenty Nine Dollars and 67 Cents


[Nos. 2, 3.]

Memorandum of Expence attending the Locating Surveying and Registering a Survey of One Hundred Thousand Acres of Land Taken up by Moses Austin under Contract of March 16 1795 between George Lauman John D Blanchard and Moses Austin

Contract N° 2

100 000 Acres of Land warrants 20 dollars__________________________ 2000

Cash paid James Newell____________________________________ 400

Surveyors fee on 100 000 Acres_____________________________________ 250

Registers fee on 100 000 do_____________________________________ 208

Chain Carriers___________________________________________ 30


Memorial of Expence on 68 000 Acres of Land Sold John D Blanchard and Geo Lauman as pr Contract 16 March 1795

Contract N° 1—

Surveyer fee on the first 400 Acres_______________________________ 5 25

For his fee on Balence 67.600____________________________________ 169

Register fee on 68 000________________________________________ 139 44

Chain Carriers marks etc_______________________________________ 4 25

$317 94

[Endorsed] Memorandum of Land N° 2 and 3.

[No. 4]

John D Blanchard and Geo Lauman

To Moses Austin Dr

1795 To 120 thousend Acres of Land warrents on Lands sold you under

Contract of March 16. 1795—-not included in the G acct______ 1400

To Sundry Expence as stated in our General Acct furnished you_ 317. 94

To Expence on 52 thousend not included in the General Acct____ 231. 56



By Draft on you included in the General Acct_________________ 315.0

Balence of Bxpence Due me on the Lands sold you under Contract of March 16th 1795_________________________________ 1634. 50

$1949. 50

To the Debt of Blanchard and Lauman in General Acct -

[Endorsed:] Statement to be sent to Saml McCraw Memorandum