Antoine Soulard to Moses Austin, 05-01-1800

Summary: Concerning survey of Austin's grant. Advises compromise to save difficulty.

St Louis May 1st. 1800


I just this moment received your favor of the 25th of April and will immediately answer to it not in an official but in a more familiar way and Consequently easier to tell you my opinion. I should have Left this to go Down to you if Mr Robidoux's Bateau which is to set off in about eight or ten Days did not Detain me here upon the account of some Indispensable Business I shall Start immediatly after its Departure to go down to See you. I should extremely be Desirous that before that time you might inform me provided you have an opportunity whether Mr Fr[anc]is Vallé as Commandant and others who hold an interest in the mines have agreed with you to have your Lands Survey'd in a Way that will prevent all Difficulties which might arise if you Still would insist to have them Survey'd agreably to the plan which you have presented to Government in that manner

My going down to the mines Should'nt have been [A third of the page is here torn away] has brought envy upon you Some would perhaps See you out of the Country Distroy the unjust Cabal risen against you Sacrifice Something to be Definitively put in possession of the Square League which has been Granted to you at the mines you are established upon it and your Situation will become every Day more interesting the More there will be people and the better you will be yourself a french proverb Says that flys are not Caught with Vinegar Kindness with people with whom you Live if you mean to Do one Day as you please Speak to Day as they Do Speak Bad people Can nether take off from you the Superiority of your talents nor your industry Sacrifices I say it again establish yourself in a Solid manner expect every thing from your perseverance and time

Unless I receive Some particular orders from the Lieut Governor I shall set off agreably to your letter just after the Departure of Mr. robidoux's Boat—try before that to write to me whether you have made the agreements with the Gentlemen and in the Contrary [torn as on preceding page.] . . . terminate nothing.

I never Doubted your Delicacy and Do think that you will act with me as I have a right to expect a word from you before my Leaving this would have saved trouble to me and to you expenses without profit and do every thing to prevent the Same Inconveniences for this time

Ante Soulard