Unknown to Unknown, 05-28-1800

Summary: Lead shipments, Ste. Genevieve.

St Genvieve 28th May 1800

Shipped on Board a Boat under my Command,—belonging to Doctor George Fisher and myself, twenty five Keggs and seven Cases, said to weigh Seven thousand and three hundred pounds french weight of Shot, and one thousand and Eleven pounds french weight and one thousand three hundred and sixty pounds and a half English weight of Bar lead— All of which I will deliver to Mr William Stephens Merchant new Orleans, the Dangers of the river excepted, he paying freight therefor at the Rate of one Dollar for every hundred pounds—of this Bill of lading I have signed Duplicates, one whereof being fulfilled the other to be void—Witness my hand

John Fisher.

7800 lbs Shott—

1011 lbs French bar lead

1360 1/2 lbs English D° D°

Receved the within Nombur of Packages of shoat Content unknown and the within Spesifayed Qantaty of Lead acordingly to the Within Receat New orlens Joulay 14th 1800

Wm Stephen