Antoine Soulard to Moses Austin, 06-30-1800

Summary: Concerning survey of Austin's grant. Claims of other inhabitants.

St Louis, June the 30th, 1800.


[From what] you told me I expected to have seen you soon after I came up, You would have found Mr [undecipherable] who is to Set out in a few days and will be the Bearer of this, after having made to Mr Lieutn Governor an official return of the Survey of Your Land, I freely deliver'd to him my private opinion on the matter, and I confidentially say, that the Survey which has been made, will stand as it is without any alteration, 'till the decision of the Government General, and the business cannot be brought there, unless the Inhabitants concerned can prove in writing that the manner in which your Land was Survey'd is prejudicial and ruinous to them: I likewise believe that M. Delassus will inform in your favor, a friend of mine being now with me, enables me to Speak to you Somewhat more openly than I could have done otherwise. I have no doubt but that you will Judge rightly of My Motives, and keep all this between Ourselves—

In the course of next month I shall draw on You for 150 Dlls in lead @ 5 dols p H in favor of Mr Pascal-Detchemendy and Should Your Survey be approved of, as it is, You will pay me 75 Dlls. when you receive Your Certificate which will make up the 225 Dlls. that you agreed to pay me, if ever Your Survay Should Stand, and I shall settle with Mr Maddin for what he has done. But if Your Survey should not be apprved of, I should have nothing further to demand from You when You have paid up the 150 Dlls. agreed upon and in this case only Mr. Maddin's fees must be paid by you. Such you will certainly remember to have been our mutual agreement and the payment was to take place in the course of July, agreeable to Your Verbal and written promises.

You are no doubt fully satisfied at this time that My Intentions toward you have been constantly the Same, and that nothing could make me alter them.

Please to present my respectful devo[tions] to Mrs Austin and believe Me Most perfectly Sir

Anto Soulard.

P. S. I had Your letter to Mr. de h .. . e translated by Mr. Bellier? and it had, I believe a Good effect.