Moses Austin to John Francis Merieult, 06-20-1807

Summary: Adjustment of account.

June 20 1807

Mr John Francis Merieult

The political situation of this Country has delayed me desending the Mississippi for many months and of consequence has prevented the adjustment of our accounts however I trust Mr. Elias Austin Elliott my nephew with your help will be able to make such arrangement as will finally Close our transactions. I found on an Examination of your Sales and Accounts a number of mistakes which I have examined with care and attention and have stated as Clearly as the situation of the account will allow. I have made to Mr Elliott all the observations on the different statement, which are necessary to explain my Ideas of the business. You will find many overcharges—and some Omissions, the amount of Shott accounted for is not equel to the quantity deliver.d also a small difference in the small barr lead which I have note.d. I am of opinion that when you reexamin the state of our account you will readily admitt that some large mistakes, have been made, by your Clerk against M A & Co. and some to your disadvantage I have so farr as the nature of the business would admitt corrected all the mistake and send them to you for final settlements

[M. Austin.]