Moses Austin to Seth Hunt, 02-27-1808

Summary: Account with Seth Hunt.

Dr. Moses Austin and Co. a/c with Seth Hunt

To 1/4 part of my Interest in the Renaut Claim_____________________ 1700. " Part of the advances due for future Expences as pr. agreement___ 600. " Two Hundred Dollars due hereafter as pr. our agreement (see Cr opposite ____________________________________________________ 200. " Two Dolls paid N. Pope Esq. included in my order on you in his favor for 60 Dolls Credtd oposite____________________________ 5. " Ten Dolls pd R Robinson Esq as found in the fav of Mr. Renaut Claim—being yours and Ficklins proportion and included in my order on you in his favor for 20 Dolls Credited oposite______ 10. " To My order Drawn on you in favr. of Edwd Hempstead being for your and Ficklins part of his fee in the case of M. Renaut Claim________________________________________________________ 10. ______ $2525.

Cr. By your Acceptance of my order in favor of N. Pope Esqr____________ 60. 00 " D° in favor of Robt Robinson Esqr_______________________________ 20. 00 " D° " Edwd Hempstead drawn on your account and that of J. Ficklin________________________________________________ 10. 00 " 105 Dolls due M. Austin on Old Acct____________________________ 105. 00 " Your Draft on Mr. Charles Carr of Lexington K Y. for____________ 200. 00 " Cash paid me at St Genevieve_____________________________________ 70. 00 " The 200 Dolls payable to me by M° Austin—at a future day as pr our agreement—(See Dr oposite)_______________________________ 200. 00 By your Note to Balance acct payable in N. Orleans_________________ 1860. 00 _________ $2525. 00

Examined and settled Feby. 27, 1808

Seth Hunt [Rubric]

Moses Austin