W. Bullock to Moses Austin, 08-01-1809

Summary: Land claims in Missouri.

Shelbyville [Kentucky] 1st Agst, 1809

Dr Sir

Your favour by your son he han'd me as he passed through this place he has sence wrote me that he was dissopointed in Recieveing some money from Hart, but expected to send me the $20 in a few weeks—

You appear to be very doubtfull of the Renaut Clame withoute giving any Reson for it have you herd any thing that would make against It sence I saw you for my part the more I think about it the more sertain I am of its being confermed

I have not herd from Majr. Hunt sence he left New York for Paris but am in hopes he will make the purchase of the other half and think you will not Repent it Mr Ficklin I here from every week or two he is in high Sperits about the Clames

The Governor is friends of ours and is the very man I wish'd to be in that office I think he is disposed to do what is Right

A few days ago I had some conversation with a member of Congress he tells me that Barkus has Bean on to the City of Washington and has made a statement to Congress of the number of fraudulent Clames that had bean layed before them by—You Know who and Congress appointed Roberson to investigate them before the Com. I told him the nature of our Clames he says there is no danger of them that Congress will conferm all clames that is not fraudulent. With Mrs. Bullocks Compls with my own to your self and Mrs. Austin

W Bullock

[Addressed:] Moses Austin Esq. Mine a Burton