Moses Austin to Stephen F Austin, 09-26-1812

Summary: Danger from Indians and negroes.

Durham Hall Sept 26 1812

My Dear Son [in New Orleans]

When I wrote you last I was under very great apprehension of the Indians and I did truly think that we should have a visit from them in a few days—but things have changed and I am now satisfied that we are safe, great exertions have been made, and many troops called out, and are now out on the frontier, the Indians that threatened this Territory have retired back to [the] Wilds of the North, and the Troops on the North of the Meremac I think sufficient to keep them on that Side of the River. I have seen an account of a most deadful storm in Orleans, that has don[e] much damages you will write me an a/c in your next I have also seen an account of Negroes being landed in St Augustine and Pensacola in excellant order and under the command of British officers, and that great apprehensions existed in consequence of many Negroes running away, and, joining the English Standard. Should this be true, I have a desire that you leave a Country where you will be in greater danger from Negroes than we are from Indians, but of this you will be the better Judge. As much as I apprehend danger from Negroes in the low Country, I wish I had 50 more at the mines I could make the value of them this year in the state the mines are in and I have Supposed that you could make yourself acquainted how they may be obtained in Carolina from Mr Hampton, and If you could by any contract obtain 10, or 12, payable in Orleans. It would make a great alteration in our business— You must be carefull in puting your cargo in Orleans for sale and the price of the Shott will be determined by the Order of your cargo, may be when presented for sale, I have mentioned that I should make ready an Other cargo of sheet lead and that you had better stay untill It arrived, this I still think, for the best and had not the Indians have put a stop to every kind of business I should have had the Cargo of [f] before this time I shall make exertions to forward it to you so as to arrive in all next month, and I think you had better attend untill that time. . .

[Moses Austin.]