Moses Austin to John Scott, 05-28-1813

Summary: Concerning the Renaut claim, and complications with Scott and John Rice Jones.


I should not trouble you with any observations on the Renaut business, Was I not disposed to have the affair a justed, with out difficulty, could such a thing take place or be effected, With Jones I can say nothing more, I have recvd a most Billingsgate, letter, with denunciations against the Claim, and what, he will do, he says "it is in my power to prevent your realising those Golden dreams and, believe, me, the, Inclination, to, do, so, is not nor shall not be wanting.["] the Soul, of the man, is, spoken, in, this line, it, is, in, fact saying purchase me or I will act—the, Villing!!! Jones has never paid a Dollar in money or in time spent, from the commence- ment of this transaction, and from his letter I soon gather that he is determined not to pay a Dollar, and yet expects to hold 1/4 under an Original contract between Maj. Hunt and himself, which he knowes was never carried into execution by him, I also find that he disbelieves that I am called on to pay 2647 1/2 Dollares, the purchase money for my 1/8 of the last half of said Claim, and that he intends paying nothing, You know that I have advanced all the money that has been paid and from mony Drawn from the funds of Moses Austin and Co and now because I call on him to say—Whether he intends to consider himself interested Equal with myself in the purchase of the last half and provide for the same say thirteen hundred and Twenty three Dollars and fifty Cents—I am answered in a most Billingsgate Style. If Jones has a Claim on Maj Hunt, for a 1/4 so be it, I— have nothing to do with that contract I— only, speak of, my contract with Maj Hunt in which I have offered, Jones, an equal part with myself, Conditioned as above, I have made no stipulations with Hunt for any disposal of either, Jones, or, his Contract, how can any man of common understanding say that I have acted in any way improper with, Jones, when I gave him an oppertunity to injoy with myself an equal participation if he thought proper to come forward and make the proper advance If, he, will, not, accept, I cannot, make, him

I have said thus much to you that hereafter I may have it in my power to face, him, or, any, Other, man, in Vindication of my Conduct, should it be called in question—

I have one other observation to make as respect Jones and I have don, If Jones considers his Contract with Hunt valid, Why accuse me of not Securing his interests in the Claim any act of mine could not have changed his Standing with Maj Hunt unless he thought proper to approve the same, and that he would not have don, so, is, clear, in as much as he objects paying or making his advance, on the purchace, and I alone am bound to Maj Hunt for the consequences, Such conduct is With out a parallel

I am Sr Yours

Moses Austin [Rubric]

again If Jones, had no expectations of being called on to pay, his share on the last purchase money of the last half how came it to pass that he made a provision in the contract With you that you should pay all further and Other expenses that should Arrise on said Claims from the day of making said Contracts in writing to me on this sub- ject he say—" I have sold a part of my Share in the Renaut Claim to Mr Wm Scott the conditions of which I will explain to you when We meet" this explanatun has never taken place and I have only agreed to Said Sale conditionally. Now Sr forward to me John Rice Jones acknowledgment—that he has sold to you a part of his share in said Claim, expressing what part, and at the same time provide the Money, to, meet, the expences on what ever part he may so express, taking for your standard two thousand Six Hundred and forty Seven Dollars as the expences and purchace money on Eight of shares of the last half, and I will immediately agree and secure to you the same title I may receive—from Mr Baldwin

Provided always, that such Certificate of sale to you from Jones doth not exceed or equal share I hold in Said Claim under my Contract with Maj Seth Hunt and that I am in no wise bound either to you or Jones jointly or Separately, Verbally, or, Written either as M Austin and Co or as Moses Austin for any more than a share to be claimed by you both inclusive Equal to that I myself can and may receive from Maj Seth Hunt Henry Baldwin or any Other person authorised to make to me deeds for said property.

Such are the Conditions on which an adjustment may take place respecting the Renaut Claim—Provided that with in eight [days?] from the recept of this letter the conditions herein stipulated are ratified and also that the propositions herein contained are carr[i]ed with good faith into real Execution Canceling all other pretentions from either you or, Jones, on me, leaving the said John Rice Jones and Maj Seth Hunt to settle any contract They may have between each Other to be adjustd as they may think proper hereafter.

I have thus again givn both Jones and yourself an Oppertunety to come forward and make a final finish of this business on termes equal with myself—If you do not accept remember I hold myself exonerated both in Honour and Justice

I am Sr Yours

M Austin

Durham Hall,

Mine a Burton, May, 28th 1813

[Endorsed:] Copy letter to John Scott Saint Geneveve on the Renaut Claim May 28th 1813