S. Hammond to Moses Austin, 12-29-1813

Summary: Charter of the Bank of St. Louis. Speculation at Herculaneum.

St Louis 29th Decr 1813.

Dr Sir,

Your favor of the 26th came to hand by your Son last Evening, I am sorry you could not yourself make us a Visite during Our present Session, I think you could have aided the progress of Our banking Schemes—We have had several meetings of the Commissioners I have finally agreed upon attempting by petition to obtain a New Charter; Which Charter drawn up will accompany the Petition and probably be presented tomorrow, the new Charter will imbrace most of the alterations proposed by you and also much of the Old bill— We hold fast the Old Charter, so that if we fail to procure a new Charter the old one stands secure and St Genevieve will also fail in their application—after which I presume they would go heartily into the bank under the Old Law—I wish Stephen was not so much hurreyed up on his Return—I could have wished that he should have seen the new Charter, but if he goes (as he intends) today, he can not have a perusal thereof— the new bill has been drawn by Easton, under the superintendance of Judge Lucas and assisted by Christian Wilt.

With Respect to Herculaneum I feel myself necessitated to sell my Proportion as Soon as Convenient to free me from approaching imbarrassments— My Estimate of the Value of Herculaneum is much beyond what Could be expected to be obtained for it at this time. I have been offered for all the unsold lotts in the town together with all the Residue of the tract of land out of which the Town has been taken and also the lotts and Improvements therein formerly Occupied by Baker, Three Thousand Dollars One Half in goods at stipulated advance and the Other in money in the month of May next—this offer, I do not find entirely meeting my convenience because I have no occasion for goods and have no wish to be peddling— Your friend Mr Bryant or your self may have the same property for the same Price if you wish it and the Payments shall be made as Convenient as my Circumstances will admit off— I could wish to know your determination upon the subject before we adjourn as I would like to Close a sale to Others if you decline to purchase, before I go from this, and also I should think it would be to your interest and for your convenience to have a division of the unsold lotts before I sell to any persons not of your family or friends—this is altogether. a measure for your convenience and will be governed by your Will— I am sorry I cannot write you more fully I could indeed explain more satisfactorily to both parties Verbally—therefore I will hope to see you or Mr Bryant on the subject Either while I remain here or immediately upon my Return Home— Please make a tender of Respects and good wishes acceptable to Mr Austin and Mr Bryant and am Sincerely

S. Hammond [Rubric]

My Opinion of the Value of the property at Herculaneum offered for sale is as follows—

221. Lotts unsold or there about cheap @ 80 Each is ______ $6630. 00 Resedue of the Tract of land______________________________ 3000. _________ 9630. 00 Bakers House and two lots cost me_________________________ 35. 00 [Sic] _________ 9665. 00

1/2 9630 ________ 4815 350 Bakers lotts etc ________ 5165 Exclusive of the ferry and forfeited lotts

[Addressed:] Moses Austin Esquire Mine a Breton County of Washington Hand by Mr. S. Austin