Elias Bates to Moses Austin, 09-08-1815

Summary: Elias Bates to Moses Austin, September 8, 1815.

Herculaneum Septr 8th 1815

Dear Sir:

I have paid Mr. Donnell the 80 Dollars as you requested it is Creddited on the Back of your Obligation; I wish to know if Vincent Buoice will possatively give you 650 for your lead if he will I can get as much for all you have to sell as he will give but if you can not get more then 6 do11 I can not give more than the 6 Dollars— when you[r] lead Comes in I will offer it to Honey and ascertain what he will give or if he will give the 650 I wish you to write me respecting it as soon as possable you have not acknowledged the Recpt of 15 Dollars by Murphy—I wish you to Inform me if the Statement of the Lead is Correct which I sent you—

Elias Bates

[Addressed:] Mr Moses Austin Mine A Burton