Elias Bates to Stephen F. Austin, 09-15-1815

Summary: Lead and commerce.

Herculaneum Septr 15—1815

Dear Stephen

I receivd your pr mail and Notice the Contents I will give 6.50 for all the lead you have to sell at preasant you have not Acknowledgd my last letter I wish an answer: perhaps if you delay it to long I May Engage in some Other Business—this liveing in Suspence Continually is not very agreeable I wish to Engage in something that will bee perminant that I may furnish myself with a house—that will not Drowned me every time it raines—and as to Building I shall not think of in the Unsetled Situation I am in at preasant

There [are] great exertions made to draw all the lead from this place to the New Town above—

I have furnished the Shott for Catron upon your letter by him to me Say $200 doll worth I hope You will Send Me the lead to replace what I have Made use of to make the Shott you mentioned in a few days pray do not let the few days bee too long for it may be a greate Injury to me If I am disappointed

Your Affec friend and Coz

Elias Bates [Rubric.]

[Addressed:] Mr Stephen F Austin Mine A Burton