Moses Austin to James Bryan, 01-22-1816

Summary: General sickness. Measures of Federal Government to remove settlers on public land will ruin territory.

Durham Hall Jan7 22-1816

Dear Son

I have sent a Note to Doct McGrady Who is at Mr Mcllvaines much unwell whin I Saw him last. I wish I could say that we were all well again but I cannot some are on the Mend and some taken down again I have Six Hands that are out at work this Day, and that is all— Bill Cannon is Confined to his bead but I hope he may be in a Situation to help you with your Ashes When ready Should Clem visit you with out An Order from some of us confine him fast untill I send for him. I have a letter from Stephen a few Days Since the legislature are expected to rise this Week—An Order has been Received from Washington City with A Proclemation of the Government to the Marshall to remove every man Settled on Public land immediately by Military force it has I Am told made great tumult in St Louis, and If carr[i]ed into execution will ruin the Terretory, Judge Bullet has Arrived from St Louis two days since and brings the News this will brake up Boones Lick Settlement in to to

I shall expect the waggon this Day hope she may bring bark for ink Mr Brickey sends you a letter

M Austin

love to Emily and the Little Sn Kiss him for me


[Addressed:] Mr James Bryan Hazel Cottage.