Stephen F. Austin to James Bryan, 02-11-1817

Summary: Financial embarrassments. Has taken over the mining business.

Durham Hall Feby 11, 1817

Dr Brother

Inclosed I send you the obligation on Hammond— I am Surprised at what you say about Gibsons not having procured a New Madrid claim. Your Note was discounted in Bank before I left St Louis and Col Hammond purchaced a claim of 200 arpents at 2 Doll. pr arpent and gave the title papers to Gibson when he was in St Louis— the balance of the Money procured on your Note I was obliged to use

Inclosed you find a Note which I wish given to My Father to renew My note in Bank due on the 18th Inst

My Father Started to Herculanium on Sunday and will be in St Louis tomorrow on his return to Herculanum he will remain there a week or [so] to push forward his House for he is determined to Move by the Middle of May

I have taken possession of the Mines and the whole establishment here and Commenced business under the Stile of S. F. Austin and C°. and am flattering myself with the pleasing hope of being able by the end of this year to free the Family from every embarrassment I shall literally bury myself this Spring and Summer in the Mines and if attention and industry will affect anything I shall do much

When the family are gone I hope Sister will not desert me, but will very often enliven the Hall with her Society when left here alone how I shall envy her the Company of little Joel his prattle would be music to me compared to the dull cheerless, chiling Silence which will pervade the Hall when deserted by all but a Solatary Batchelor!!—

My prospects at the Hill are not very promising I am sinking new Shafts— the furnace goes in this night and I expect to Make about 16000 pounds of Lead this Smelt which I will send immediately over to Hercum The Money on your note in Bank which I used I will repay as soon as the lead is made or you may deduct that much from what is to be made up for H Elliott

Write wheither you can make any arrangement to raise that Money, if not I must by Some means or Execution will be out immediately— I am very much pushed at this time to make up the money for our Beef and Pork, I should have called on my way home but was anxious to arrive in time for the wedding—the new Married Couple Started on Sunday, Mrs Carr and Mary and Many others sent their love to Emily, I will try and visit you soon but know not when, for I am now tied down. Mother is not well she has the rheumatism in her right arm which prevents her writing Kiss Jo. and love to Sister

S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Mr James Bryan Hazle Run Mr Wall