Moses Austin to James Bryan, 06-30-1817

Summary: Lumber, corn.

Herculanium June 30 1817

Dear Son

Mr Murphey visits your mill for a-load of Plank- also Mr Brown they say that you give-15 Dollars pr thousand and find the Waggon I have agreed to pay what ever you have given others Which I will thank you to write me Mr Evens says he has the Plank for-me selected and by them Selves except 3/4 which he says he did not measure, as many as is wanted for shelving you will please load the Waggons with a load say 1000 feet flooring and a 1000 feet 3/4 which will be as much as will-make a finish of my House. If you have-any- plank to hawl Mr Murphey-or-Mr Brown will continue hawling as long as you please can you lette them have a few bushels of Corn to bring them back— I leave this For St Loues this day and hope I may bring you back the money for your Note in-Bank-I shall try so to [do]—James E B Austin is mending fast and I think will be in a situation to Visit You next week in compeaney with your Mother and Myself—but not untill after 4 July—

Moses Austin

N B I wish one of the wagons to load with 3/4 plank for shelving the store, love to Emely and my Dear Boy


[Addressed:] Mr James Bryan Hazel Cottage