Moses Austin to James Bryan, 07-21-1817

Summary: Commercial conditions.

Herculanium July 21 1817

Dear Son

I have sent you nothing of the Articles you have sent for because I have them not Domesticks Saddles and Bridles mens and wom[en]s shoes I have not in store as to country linen its not to be obtained for Cash because it is not in the country I made every Exerti[on] in my power to get linen when in St Louis but could not the Domesticks I expected, have Not arrived they are uncommonly difficult to obtain Coffee and sugar are Cash—I have only a part-of-Barrell I send you a few pounds—Coffee a Box Bosses [sic] and Gun Powder—with a handkf

as soon as the Articles you mention can be had I will bill them but Coffee and Sugar as well [as] Domestick and menes and Womans Shoes are Cash in hand and cannot be had without to purchase them with out money cannot be done— I did not think I would leave St Louis with out money but I was obliged to do so it will come down Day after tomorrow if any can be had which I am promised and think will be obtained it shall go to you—by express

Moses Austin

[Addressed:] Mr James Bryan Hazel Cottage