Stephen F. Austin to James Bryan, 12-31-1818

Summary: New Madrid land claim.

St Louis Dec 31 1818

Dr Brother.

Col. Hammond has made a contract with a man for a New Madred claim but you must pay Six hundred Dolls of the money in order to do which you must send up your note as quick as possible to have it discounted have it endorced at the Mines and I will endorce it here Gibson has given Hammond instructions how to locate the claim So that as soon as it is procured all you have to do is to send for the Negros. . .

I hope you will come up with Emily Flower is high also whiskey— . . . any hopes of getting clear of Debt—when the day arrives that the whole family are out of Debt I mean to celibrate it as my wedding day—which never will come untill then Love to EmilyMrs Carr is getting well

S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] James Bryan Esqr. Potosi Washington County