Moses Austin to James E. B. Austin, 08-12-1819

Summary: Panic of 1819. Local news.

Herculanium, Augt.2 1819

My Dear Son

I was disappointed that I did not receive a letter from you last mail, but contemplate the receipt of a letter the next mail. I mentioned in my last that Mrs Evens was verry sick, and that her life was not expected, last Monday she left this world, and went to meet her husband who died only three weeks before hir— little Willis is now with us and what will be don with him I cannot tell your Mother cannot take care of him her Health is such that its as much as she can do to take care of hirself. I also mentioned to you that Mrs. Weber had left us or was about to do so she removed her trunk last week to Wilkens and your Dear Mother is left with out any female friend this change has been brought about in consiquence of the most unfounded abuse and those that have been instrumental in bringing the business about, are, now, to receive the benefit of there Damanable, conduct. I see a man that left Your Brother three weeks from yesterday, he said he was well and in good health and that his prospects were great and that he was, in, high spirits, and doing well You ought to write him and Direct your letters to NachitochesIra will get them. I have not heard any thing from Mr Schoolcraft as yet but think I shall soon. I wish much to here from Colo Walker from your account he must be in great Danger of his life. I hope you make every Day some advancement in your education lett me pray you to remember that now is the time to obtain you improvements a Day now lost is of the utmost consequence to you and can never be, recalled an educatione is of more consequence than money, lett it be therefore your first care.

I hope you mantain a friendly understanding with Mr Holly and family—I have not heard a word from him sence you arrived, If you see him make my respects to him and family

Nothing can equal the General Distress for money—I hope to send you Some Next mail I cannot this

Your Dear Mother is in as good health, as, common and I hope, may, remain so— the Town is in General Good health—altho Mr and Mrs Evens have been taken of, not, a, steam boat has arrivd sence you left this place except the Maid of Orleans and John W Honey—has obtaind the command of her, and gon to Orleans expects to return in sixty Days I wish Mrs Holly would send for Mary Austin it would be of great, advantage to hir

Your mother sends her love to you and prays you to be attentive to your Studeis—

I read Mrs. Weber your letter and She says that she is sattisfied that If other persons had left you to Judge for yourself your Opinion would have been quite otherwise than what it was She sends you her respects and wishes you all the good this world can give you and may god Bless You my son your Affectionate father

Moses Austin

[Addressed:] Mr James E B Austin Nicholes Vill Kentucky