Moses Austin to Unknown, xx-xx-1819

Summary: Memorandum of Moses Austin's estate [1819?].

Mine a Burton estimated agreeable to proposition made to Mr. Daniel LudlowNew York and on which a Charter is demanded from the U. States________ 150,000 House and lott St. Genevieve estimated__________________________________ 3,000 1/2 Town Herculaneum which including Sales now made and Lotts and Lands unsold______________________________________________________ 6,000 1/2 of a Claim of Land say 800 acres with a [illegible] of Miles situated on the waters of Grand River_____________________________ 600 1/2 a Claim of Land at Bell View________________________________________ 600 Plantation and Tan Yard near the Mine a Burton__________________________ 1,600 ________ $160,800

The Claim to the Renauts estate is not estimated being unsettled and not adjusted but the value may be safely estimated as scaled____________ $20,000 to the above estimate of property is to be taken into consideration all the moveable property of the company, which included the Debts etc, that may be safely calculated on at________________________________ $10,000

Memorandum of Property given J. Jones