Moses Austin to Dr. Joseph Bowers, 03-11-1820

Summary: Concerning the medical qualifications of Dr. Cunningham.

Herculaneum March 11th 1820.

Doctor Joseph Bowers.


The inclosed Communication from Mrs Cunningham I transmit you by hir request and as the subject of Mrs Cunninghams letter is of it self explanatory of hir wishes, it needs, no, comments of mine. I would however take the liberty to say that I have stated to Mrs Cunningham that from the momentary acquaintance with you I was disposed to believe that your observations (if any) touching Doc Cunningham must have been mistaken or that your impressions had been drawn from some improper quarters intended to do Dc. Cunningham injustice. I will also further observe that Doctor Cunningham has in his possession Diplomas of his having been duly Authorised to practice Physic under the hand and seal of Doctors Rush, Wister & Physic of Philadelphia.

I am confident that it will give you pleasure to relieve the feelings of Mrs Cunningham and to administer consolation to a Lady, is the duty, as, well, as the Characteristics of a Gentleman and I cannot be mistaken in saying that Doctor Bowers possesses all the feelings necessary to prompt him to do justice to the distressed Mrs. Cunningham Accept Sr of my Respects

Moses Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] To Doctor Joseph Bowers Water Loe [Endorsed:] Copy to Doc. Joseph Bowers Bellville