Elias Bates to Stephen F. Austin, 12-02-1820

Summary: Congratulations on success.

Herculaneum Decb 2nd 1820

Dear Stephen

Your favour of the 29th of Augt. I received one mail previous to the one you wrote to your Mother from Natchitoches: and have had no opportunity of answering only by mail and it was uncertain if you would not have left N Orleans before it would have got there: I Cincerely rejoice at your success and hope there will nothing happen to Blast them

You Requested me to give you information of your family it will now be unnecessary as H Elliot can give you everry Information that I can

no doubt you have met Mr Honey in New Orleans: I Calculated you would: from the Information I receivd of your Intention of going theere: that you would be theere about the time he would arive theere Mary has given him a fine son in his absence Boath are well.

I have had Considerable sickness in my family this season Nancy has had an uncommon share; three months past she has been much of the time confined to her Room she is now gaining strength fast the Balance of the family are in good health—Henry Elliott can give you all the news that is going which is not muche; hard times is the General Complaint I hope that the time is not far distant when I shall here that your are permanently settled in your new situation and doing well—Allways your friend

Elias Bates [Rubric]