Moses Austin to James E. B. Austin, 03-28-1821

Summary: Money stringency. Enthusiastic hopes for future in Texas.

Herculaneum March 28 1821

My Dear Son

You may justly think that your Father has cast you from his protection and forgotten that he has such a son living, but that is not the case, could I have jeleaved your situation I would have don so month [s] past—I returned from St. Antonio in the province of Texas five days since after undergoing everything but Death. For these sufferings I have been fully paid by obtaining a grant for myself and family of land and also for 300 families—I shall settle on the Colorado within (2) miles of the sea and three days sale from the Mississippia—Where I shall lay of a town under the protection of the Spanish Government the River Colorado is situated in the province of Texas in latitude 27 N on the Spanish Main (3) days south of Mississippia (3) Days sale from Havana 5 from Jamaca 7 from St Domingo a spot of country desirable to behold—overflowing with Wealth and Health in this situation I shall soon reinstate myself in property. I have already offers to fill up the families which will bring me about 18,000 dollars but of this I will write you more fully I returned from the low country by the via of Natches in a steam boat and shall descend the river the same way. your Dear Mother I shall leave with your sister until next year. I wish to be in Orleans in all May next if I can settle my business in this country—which I think I can do in a few days

Inclosed you have a draft on your Brother Stephen for 150 dollars payable in ninety days—this, draft will be absolutely paid and I have written Mr Walker to that Amount. I hope you may make use of it to discharge your debts I will send you 50 dollars more in Kentucky money if to be had as soon as you obtain the bill try to close your debts and return to this place I wish much to see you before I leave this for the Spanish Country

Your Brother is at New Orleans doing well and is the Editor of a Paper—I shall see him in May—I shall take my passage from that place round to the Colorado and commence my establishment—

If you cannot make use of the bill on your brother god knows when I shall obtain money to discharge you the draft will be absolutely paid that you may assure whomever you have to pay it to, as the mail is about to start for Harrison I cannot say more. God bless you my son and look up for happy Days

Affectionate Father

M Austin

[Addressed:] Mr James E. B. Austin NicholesVill Kentucky