William Eads to James Bryan and Mrs. Mary Austin, 06-23-1821

Summary: Condolence upon the death of Moses Austin.

Sangamo Clear Lake June 23d-1821

Mr J Bryan

Sir I recvd yours of the 16th Instant which I was very sorry to hear of the Death of your father and illness of your mother but happy to find your family in a reasonable stait of helth we are all in a good stait of helth in this section of the Country you desire to know something of our country as for my part I am well pleased With this part as to the soil none to exceed it we have good water and timber none to exceed our Country on the North side of the Sangamo is high dry soil handsome for farming well furnished with good mill streams this on the South side is not thus furnished in no respect the Cuntry is low and wet on two much of a ded leavele the water is Confined in ponds in the wet season and makes bad traveling In the spring—I think I can say as it Respects the helth of the people in this part I dont apprehend the least dangere heare more than their from the appearance of the Cuntry and people last season and this—I have nothing of grait importance only we air brought in to a Cuntry our first court in this infant part was held on the first Monday of May so that it put it out of my power to answer your first by haveing a new County all that was in commission was thrown out and remained untill very recently so that the business could not be dun as it respects that business of yours and Mr Alleys this has been transacted so long that I Cannot be positive about the time nor number of bushels I remember hailing the Corn and delivering it at the still house neither can I remember the dates stated in the accounts only it was in 1818 I have not Convirsd with Mr Alley on the subject yet it may be on Examination things may occur to my mmd that dose not at this time so no more on this subject my family send their respect to you and your lady

Wm Eads

We wish to drop a line to your mother. Dier madam we air very sory to hear of the loss of your Companion it is a natural case for us to morn after a friend But we only Come to gather for life the lord giveth and the lord taketh a way we ought to Bless the name ot the lord I dont Consider your Case in life Bad you have an affectionate sone and daughter that I am well satisfied will go any length to make you happy let us look forward and be faithful and we have a friend that sticketh closer than a brother we will remember you at a throan of grase and prey god to give you suffering grase tor suffering times let us looke to god for help to beare us up under all our difficulties that we have to incounter in this world and if we live faithfull in this world haveing a consiance void of offenc to god and man we shall meet to part no more whare all teers shall be wipt from your eyes and go to receive a never faiding crown of life bee faithful until death preys your unworthy friend untill death I hope you and Mr Bryan will not for get to wright to me if not pnvit opportunity offer direct your letters to Edwardsville postoffis and I will call for them give our compliments to Mr J Austin and family


Mrs Moses Austin

[Addressed:] To Mr J Bryan Hazel Run St Genevieve County Stait of Missouri