Stephen F. Austin to Moses Austin, 07-04-1821

Summary: Has met Mexican commissioners at Natchitoches. Quotes Arrendondo's permit to establish colony.

Nachitoches July 4 1821

Don Erasmo has just furnished me with another Copy of the papers relative to the grant.

Col Pitts has not time to waite or I would have it correctly translated— The following is a rough Translation of the order from Arredondo to Martinez—x

"The Supreme Cortes of these provinces having deliberated on the representation made to me in your official note of the 26 December No. Ill— I have just received their resolution with which I have conformed it is as follows—

It is expedient to grant the permission which Moses Austin solicited to establish himself with three hundred families in the Province of Texas, on the conditions specified in his memorial on this subject which accompanied your official letter—provided that the following conditions be complied with—

1st All who emigrate under this permission must be Catholics, or agree to be so, before they remove—

2d They must take the oath of allegiance to be faithful to the King and Constitution etc

3 They must be honest, industrious farmers and mechanics—and the applicant M Austin, will be held responsible for their good conduct"— (This is the substance of Arredondos order to Martinez) " and you are directed to send this intelligence to the party interested by a confidential messenger.

Dated Monterey Jany 17 1821

Signd Joaquin de Arredondo "

To the Govr of the Province of Texas

The balance of the paper is an order from Martinez to Erasmo— directing him to seek you and communicate this, and to inform you also that by an ordinance of the King, and a decree of the Council of the Oriental Provinces, a Port is ordered to be opened in the Bay of St Bernardo

You must try and get Col. Pitts the bearer of this to join, from what I can learn he is a very respectable man— I have told him you would inform him as to the terms

Your Son

S. F. Austin