Stephen F. Austin to Baron de Bastrop, 09-01-1821

Summary: Power of attorney to represent Austin in business concerning the colony.

Whereas my late father Moses Austin Esqr. obtained from the Superior Government of the Oriental Internal Provinces of New Spain a grant for the establishment of a Colony in the Province of Texas, and the Superintendence and direction of said Colony having devolved upon me by the death of my Father, and finding that an agent is necessary at Bexar to attend to the genl. interest of said Colony with the Government

Therefore I do by these Presents appoint the Baron de Bastrop my agent and attorney to attend to my interest and affairs with the Govmt hereby giving him full powers to do whatever may be necessary for the genl. interest and prosperity of my said Colony, confirming all that my said Attorney may lawfully do in the premises requiring of him to advise me regularly of what may be done under this power of attorney

Given under my hand at La Bahia Sept. 1. 1821

S. F. Austin