Stephen F. Austin to J. H. Bell, 10-06-1821

Summary: Permit to settle in his colony. Terms on which land is granted.

Permission is hereby granted to Josiah H. Bell to settle on the grant made to my Father in this Province—He is to recieve nine hundred and Sixty acres as head of his family and in addition to that three hundred and twenty acres for his wife and one hundred and Sixty acres for each child and Slave. one half of which is to be taken in an oblong on the River and the other half back from the River— The said land must be Inhabited and cultivated within one year and there must be paid me twelve Dollars and fifty cents pr hundred acres one half on the receipt of the title and the other half in twelve months which is to be in full for all surveying and other expences.

Nacogdoches Octor 6. 1821

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]

The above lands are to be taken between or adjoining the St Antonio and la Baddee [La Bahia] roads and on the Brassos or Colorado.

S. F. Austin

960 wife 320 2 children 320 3 Negros 480 _____ 2080 acres