George Poindexter to Stephen F. Austin, 10-13-1821

Summary: Certificate of character.

Certificate of Character : James Collingsworth

Woodville Octr 13 1821

We the undersigned Citizens of Wilkinson County state of Mississippi have for a Number of Years been intimately acquainted with the Bearer hereof Mr James Collinsworth —and from our long acquaintance with him can say with propriety that his conduct has ever been that of an honest industrious and correct man in all his transactions, and we feel no hesitation in recommending him as such, and as a man in whom confidence can be placed in his intercourse with the world

Given under our hands at Woodville as above

Geo Poindexter Govr. of Mississippi

James Carraway Chief Justice Wilkinson County

Moses Liddell Justice of the quorum of the county court

Isaac Dillahttrty Clerk etc etc of Wilkinson County

Wm T. Lewis

To Stephen F Austin Esqr. Nackatosh