William F. Roberts to Stephen F. Austin, 11-13-1821

Summary: Austin's debts. His business in Arkansas.

Bridgewater Illanois 13th Novr 1821

Dear Sir

I Saw a letter from you to Mr E Bates written from Labaddie [La Bahia] which gives an account of the Country you have been in and your terms for Setlers. They appear liberal and verry Encouraging to emegrants. I have had Some Serious thoughs of removing to that Country but at this time I am So embarresed that it is imposable for me to leave here without making a greater Sacrafice than would be remunerated by a removal.

I wrote you previous to your departure from N. Orleans but received no answer I then told you of the distress I was in at that time which are Still growing worse. I hope you will answer this and let me know what I have to depend on. The accounts you left with Mr Asheley [at Little Rock] are little better than nothing they will not be Collected for two or three years and I want the Money immeadiately I am nearly ruined now for want of it. I offered your Note this day for half of its amount and Could not get it. I hope you will make an effort to relieve me if you Could Send me groceries Iron or any kind of Southern articles I Could put them upp to pay debts. If I had your deposition I Could recover it off Harines( ?) Estate as he made the Contract after I had refused on my part. If you can do nothing for me please let me know what interest you will give me in your Colony for the debt if I Should Emigrate and what if I do not.

William R Roberts

[Addressed] : Stephen F. Austin Esqr Louisiana State New Orleans.