Erasmus Ellis to Stephen F. Austin, 11-26-1821

Summary: Interest of Iberville Parish, La., in emigration. Wants information.

Ibirville Parish [Louisiana] 26th Novr 1821.

S. F. Austin Esqr

D[ea]r Sir My object for visiting this country at this time, was to see my Brother who resides here, and with a hope of seeing you in New Orleans, and making some arrangements to emigrate to the Province of Texas, and within the Bounds of the Settlement you are now making—

I expect, Sir, if I can hear from you shortly, that early next Sprint I can leave Cape Girardeau County with Several respectable families together with several Young men Mechanics of almost every description for that country, and will endeavour to be there in time to make a Crop, as it is my wish to go by water, which rout I conceive, can be performed with greater facility, and in much less time, than by Land, But your advice on this subject will be very acceptable, and on all other points or matters necessary or relative to the Voyage there, and internal police of the Settlement—I shall indeavor to collect all your publications, which have come out in the Louisiana Advertiser, for the purpose of carrying them home with me, and shewing them to those who are on the wing of emigrating to that country, which I conceive will be a great satisfaction to them, as they have never had an opportunity of seeing them as yet—

As you have by your last publication started to that Country I have thought it best to inclose this letter to the Editor of the Louisiana Advertiser in New Orleans, and request him to convey it to you, by the best and shortest way, and by the same rout you will be so good as to write to me, and address it to the postoffiee in Iberville Parrish near the church, kept by my brother Allen Ellis you will confer a lasting obligation on me and many others who are desirous of emigrating to that country, by answering this letter immediately, and giving me every information that you may think necessary on the subject—

Erasmus Ellis [Rubric]

P. S. I shall leave this place in a few days for the State of Missouri and any letters sent to this office addressed to me will be sent on immediately by my Brother

Stephen F Austin Esqr

E. Ellis [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Stephen F Austin Esqr Province of Texas.