James Fort Muse to William W. Little , 12-01-1821

Summary: Satisfied with description of Texas. Plans to emigrate. Will build sawmill. Slaves.

Ouchita La. Decr 1st 1821

Dear Sir

I received your letter of the 6th ult. but too late to answer to meet Mr Austin in Natchitoches by the 28th—as you desired—but hoping it may reach him before he leaves I now write you—I was more than pleased with the description you gave me of the province of Texas—. and particularly that part contained in Mr Austins Grant— you have not only enlisted me but my wife, she has given her perfect consent for me to visit the country this winter and if I like to move to it as soon as I can settle my business—

I expect Mr John Filhiol one of my wifes uncles and myself will probably set out in the month of January—to take precisely the rout you took till we arrive at the contemplated Town—I wish you there- for to give Mr Austin your opinion of me, and if you can prevail on him to consider me one of his choice settlers—and in the first class of Locations—when I come on I will bring all the documents to show him, satisfactorily my claims to his friendship and confidence—I shall expect to bring in family as follows—a wife and child (by the By—I did not tell you what a fine Daughter I have—yes one that shall make many a heart tremble in the Province) and between ten and fifteen negro slaves—and if I like as well as I expect—I can bring many worthy families from my native state South Carolina as soon as I can get them word—

I wish a Town lot—and tract of Land near Town—as may be possible to obtain, on account of my profession which I shall wish to follow—and a tract imbracing a good mill seat above whereon I will build a set of mills immediately—if I move—to supply the Town with materials for building—If a division of the Lands should take place before I reach [there] Please prevail on Mr Austin to suffer you to draw for me in Town and country agreeably to your and his judgment suitable Mr Gramont Filhiol as well as John will move if I like when I come out—

I have written a few lines covering yours to Mr Austin have in there referred him to you—Mr Ballou and Mr Lovelace—who is with you—my wife [would be] rejoiced to remove with Mr Lovelaces Family—If I could settle my business in time but I cannot as I have to sell for him property before I move—

I continued the cause of Sutton against his wife till next court for want of testimony for her I still hope I shall succeed in making her innocent and his cruelty appear—and securing to her her dower in her contract secured

My wife and the Mr Filhiols send their respects to you—my Daughter Elisa would send hers but she does not speak quite well enough being only two days old—she and mother are quite brave—and I remain—healthy—chearfull and as usual your friend and Hble Svt

James Fort Muse

Holtham—-is coming out to the province will try to fall in with Mr Austin at Natchitoches—he is quite malencholy and has been for some time back—perhaps he has repented—If so forgive him—He has not said anything lately that I have learned against the little injured Female


[Addressed]: William W. Little, Esquire. Province of Texas. Mr. S. F. Austin.