Jonathan Rice Jones to Unknown, 12-08-1821

Summary: Certificate of character for James Johnson, of Missouri.

James Johnson, Esquire, the Bearer hereof, having intimated to me his intention of emigrating to the province of Texas, where he is not known, and of his wish to take with him some Testimonials of his Character and standing in Society in this Country, where he has resided for several years past, during the latter part of which I had the pleasure of an intimate acquaintance with him: I can with propriety and confidence assert that he is a Gentleman of the most unblemished Reputation, and much esteemed by all who know him for his correct Deportment and amiableness of Disposition.—He is now Colonel of the Militia of pike County, where he resides, and a member of the house of Representatives (now in Session) to both of which offices he was elected by the almost universal Suffrage of the Citizens of his County.

Given under my hand, at St. Charles the seat of Government this 8th Day of December 1821

Jn° Rice Jones

one of the Judges of the supreme Court of the State of Missouri

Alexander McNair Governor of the State of Missouri To all who shall see these presents, Greeting

Be it known that John Rice Jones Esquire whose signature is subscribed to the within Certificate is and was on the 8th day of December 1821 One of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri duly commissioned and qualified and that full faith and credit is and ought to be given to all his official Acts as such.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my private seal (there being no seal of State yet provided). Done at Saint Charles this thirteenth day of December Anno Domine One thousand eight hundred and twenty One and of the Independence of the United States the forty-sixth.

Wm G. Petttts

A. McNair

Secretary of State