John C. Harbison to Stephen F. Austin, 12-11-1821

Summary: Wants description of Texas "politically, naturally, and religiously."

Jackson [Missouri] 11th Dec. 1821


From the information of your Mother and your autumnal Letters I expected you would have been in this state ere this time—In consequence I left a letter with your Brotherinlaw Capt Bryan requesting of you as a friend a minute candid discreption of that Country politically, naturally and Religiously I also made you by that letter an offer of a son of mine as a surveyor who is now employed for the Goverment but wishes to go to your Country I am not unwilling but wish him under your direction—I had Expected to have had all this Communication with you in person—as I promised your Ma— when you came home in Novr to attend to preaching the funeral of your father Col Austin as you have not returned I send this by Col Harry Elliott. And request you to write me whether or no you will employ my son and how and what you can promise him as a settler and surveyor and also myself and family if I like, how and when you wish him to come and how provided. And further—If I go there I wish to be in your Neighborhood—I want particularly to know what Liberties Ministers of our order (the Episcopalian) can or will enjoy Wishing you all the happiness you enjoy in this Sublunary world and Eternal felicity in the next.

John C. Harbison

[Addressed:] Col Stephen F Austin Esqr Handed by Col. H. Elliott Esqr