James Evans to Stephen F. Austin, 12-20-1821

Summary: Introducing Dixon. People "in a great commotion" concerning Texas.

Jackson [Missouri] Decr 20th 1821

Dear Sir,

From our former acquaintance, and the friendly disposition you possess of rendering your assistance to those who may wish to visit your Country, I have taken the liberty, and I wish to introduce to your notice my friend Capt. Samuel Dixon a young man of considerable industry and enterprise, you will find him friendly and an agreeable companion—he visits your Country for the purpose of perminently becoming a resident, he is a first rate surveyor, has done considerable of that business in this State for the public, and as you will have much of that business to be done, if you can give him a place it will confer a favour on your friends in this quarter—

The people here are in great commotion relative to your part of the Country, and I believe a number will eventually move—I have strong Ideas of it myself—you will render me a particular favour by writing me a letter, in which describe the advantages and disadvantages attending that Country, the nature of the Government, its health and temperature of the climate, and whether a man of my profession would be able to succeed in business—If I should conclude to Emigrate a great number will go also, be so good as to give me a general outline of the Internal police etc

James Evans

Col. S. F. Austin