John F Guyard to Robert C. Bruffy, 12-24-1821

Summary: Receipt for a judgment against Robert C. Bruffey, surety for Austin.

Belleview [Missouri] Dec 24th 1821

Received of Robert C. Bruffy the sum of two hundred and Sixty five Dollars Interest and principle of a Judgement obtained against said Bruffey at Nov Term 1821—in favour of Rob P. Guyard as security for Stephen F. Austin, said Rob P. Guyard having obtained a judgment against S. F. Austin at Nov Term 1819—for two hundred thirty eight dollars thirty eight cents which judgement said Robert P. Guyard sold and transfered to me—I say received in full of all debts, dues and demands the date above written—

John F Guyard

Test Oliver Williams

[Endorsed:] Paid Brickey

Fees— 7.30 Fees 2.15 ShFF. do 1.00 with Interest _____ 10.75 Lawyers fee $6. $16.75 cts

Paid Rob. C Bruffey twenty dollars

Jas E B Austin [Rubric]

Receipt for Judgt in favr Rob Guyard 24th Decr 1821