Daniel Draper to Stephen F. Austin, 12-25-1821

Summary: Represents families from South Carolina. Wants information about terms of settlement, routes to Texas, liberty of conscience.

Lincoln, State of Missouri.

Dec. 25th 1821.

Dear Sir

A number of the Citizens of this County, through me, have presumed to address a letter to you, understanding that you are at Potosi; the object of which is to request you to inform us of the certainty of the report concerning a territory in the Province of Texas, which territory according to an extract of a letter published in the newspaper said to have been from yourself, you have the disposal of. We wish, if you will be so good as to condescend to write us, to know 1st If that letter was from yourself: and if so how many families are wanting; If the time for those families to come is limited; if any have come; what probability of getting supplies for family until it could be raised; how far from St. Louis; the best route by Land; which the preferable way to come by Land or Water; and if Liberty of Conscience [is] allowed of—

We would first observe that the families who now trouble you, are from a southern climate S. C. and are all farmers; and are determined for a warmer Climate. Your compliance will therefore confer the greatest favor - Please write as soon as possible after the receipt of this - and direct your letter to the undersigned who is Post Master Ast. at Stoutsfort P. 0. Lincoln County Mo. Please excuse our liberty in consequence of the subject, While We Remain

Daniel Draper

Mr. Stephen F. Austin Potosi, Missouri

Post Master at Potosi, if Mr. Austin is not there, and is any where in Mo. please forward this, If he is not in Mo. please drop a line to the Post Master at Stouts fort Mo.