James Beatty to Stephen F. Austin, 01-05-1822

Summary: Inquiries concerning political conditions, freight rates from New Orleans, and terms of settlement. Some families too poor to move; would he be compensated in land for transporting them?

Montgomery County Missouri 5th Jan. 1822

Sir having understood that you had a conditional contract with the Spanish Government for a grant of land to considerable extent and that you had undertaken on your part to introduce a certain quantity of Families as as Settlers on the land I have entertained thoughts of emigrating to that country in fact it is determined upon there is a number of my acquaintances that wish to go with me or to the Same neighbourhood that I may Settle in. Some families are too poor to bear their own weight on the Journey.

The question is whether would I be intitled to a Larger donation From you Should I Take the Burden upon myself to procure them the means of get[t]ing to that country Some Families will come with me others will not venture until I return and report I hope that you will do me the favour to rite to me on the Subject I wish to be informed of the complexion of the political horison of that country the probable expence of Freight from new Orleans to matagorda or the most Elligible landing place in your country the terms held out by you to Setlers in general and Sir I remain with sincere regard yours &c

James Beatty

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr Colorado Province of Texas