James Bryan to J. E. B. Austin, 01-15-1822

Summary: Settlers going to Texas. Selection of land.

Hazel Run January 15th 1822

Dear Brother

I have not heard from you since you left White River. I have no doubt that a letter may be at the Office for me. I presume ere this you are nearly at the place of destination and I hope you have enjoyed good health and all the party and I am flattering myself with the antisipation of favourable News from you shortly after your arrival at the Colorado, and I have no doubt that the emigrants are arriveing daily as it appears to be the General rage in every quarter to Move to Texas, and I have so favourable an oppertunity to write you, that I have concluded to fill the sheet if I say but little The bearer Mr Bobert. C. Bruffy and his Brother Majr Hawkins and Doctr Hart are the party and a great number will Move the insueing Autumn from the Mines and from this State Generally may God Grant all favourable relative to the Colony, and if nothing unfavourable occurs relative to the government it will fill up imediately and will make a Market for Provissions, and Merchandise. I trust you will arrive Safe, and that you can make an advantageous Barter for Stock, and I will expect Stephen and you to display Judgement in makeing a Selection of Land for me, and I wish you to Hire two young men for me to make an Improvement and raise Some Corn and if you can procure Stock for me they can take care of it; perhaps Bartholomew and Powell will engage, I will bring on Some Provissions; and all I can of other articles perhaps I will send on Provissions this next Spring I will expect advices on this Subject from Stephen and you by every Opportunity I have no doubt Provisions will be very low in the Spring at New Orleans, nothing has happened of importance Since you left us. We have a New County Called St Francis, and consequently officers wanting and great anxiety etc.— The Legislature has made a Property Law Property must sell for two thirds its value, or the Creditor must wait two years and Six Months— No doubt before you receive this you will See two Brothers of the Name of Howells from Near St Charles I wrote by them to Brother Stephen and I presume you will find them to be worthy men a few days Since Mr Eaglebarger recd a letter from Cheak who Stated he was engaged Surveying for Stephen and he Speaks Very Highly of the Country. McCormack and McClain and a number more talks of moveing some in the Spring others in the fall—please give me a full detale of every important particular relative to the Country, Prospects etc.— You will no doubt have many oppertunities to write I will Send by Mr Bruffy the Certificate of your birth and Baptism— I have not as yet recd any letters for you— If I do I will send them on, tell Bartholomew and Powell I will expect to receive letters from them and will answer them, I am in hopes Mr Henry Elliott will have it in his Power to raise Some Cash there for me and Settle it with me here Mothers health is much better than when you left us, and the Family in good health and all relatives— God Bless you Our prayers is for your health and Prosperity

J. Bryan.

[Addressed:] Mr J. E. B. Austin Mouth of the Colorado Provence of Texas Attention Mr. Bruffy