James H. Penrose to Stephen F. Austin, 03-12-1822

Summary: Desires information. Many anxious to go to Texas. Political news of Missouri. Scarcity of money. Loan-office money worth only 3 per cent.

St Charles [Missouri] 12 March 1822

Dear Sir

Being desirous of leaving Missouri for a more genial country and one that is less embarrassed . I have thought of yours as one that might be advantageous for a young man just setting out in life whose dependence must be entirely on himself for his support. As you know; I was brought up a merchant but from the change in affairs in this our embarrassd country my father will not be able to advance me any capital. Therefore I cannot come in that capacity, but must depend upon my information and industry for my passport. To you Dear Sir, therefore I have determined to impose the task of giving me an impartial and unbiased account of the prospects and advantages which the country affords, believing that to no one could I apply with so great a prospect of success as to yourself. There are many young men in this country who are in the same situation with myself who would willingly join me provided there was any probability of their meeting with encouragement.

News. I can give you but little if any, and that is of a local nature Judge Stuart and John Scott are the candidates for the next congress. Scott I think will be elected altho the Judge is making every exertion and is now on his electionering campaign, going to every county in the state making very lengthy stump speeches. Our country is very much embarrassed. The only money almost we have is our Loan Office which is only worth at present 3% cts in the $1.00 this you will say is poor indeed.

My family desire to be remembered to you.

James H. Penrose

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr. New Orleans.