Henry Elliott to Stephen F. Austin, 03-25-1822

Summary: Local news.

Collarado March 25 1822

Dr Friend

I arrived here last evening and find it reported that your Vessel has been in at the Mouth of the Brazos and landed her cargo and from thare went to search (?) for the mouth of this river I can not learn how long since it has been the report comes from Robertson an attempt was first made to find the mouth of this river and failed cannot learn whether the vessel is still on the coast or not—

Mr Marple has gone down to Mr Cummings. hope on his return to here something but Capt Dixen leaves this erly in the morning for Labbidy [La Bahia] which compels me to wright this evening I hope on my arrival at Mr Robertsons that I can get some certain information that can be relied on. Foster is on the hunt for his mule and your horse if they return hope to leve this the day after tomorrow I will write from the Brasses—please wright immediately after your return—

Henry Elliott.

PS Mr Burnet had his large mule stollen whilst at Labbady it is possible that it may be taken to St. Antoney if you would take some pains to ascertain and take care of it if to be got it would oblige him

[Addressed:] Mr Stephen F Austin St Antoney Politness Cpt Dixen