Alijah Hull to Stephen F. Austin, 05-07-1822

Summary: Wants employment as surveyor. Advanced supplies for the Gutierrez-Magee expedition; will the new government recognize such claims?

Vincennes Indiana

May 7. 1822

Dear Sir

Having some idea of coming to your Country and perhaps others from this place might, I ask for information on the probable prospects for myself, and others Having been employed as a deputy surveyor under the U. States Government some years since, I wish to be informed if a well qualified surveyor would meet with encouragement to make it an object— I having acquired my mathematical knowledge under the tuition of Josiah Meigs, commissioner of the general land office at Washington while he was professor in Yale College N. H. and I have letters of recommendation from James Mansfield Edward Tiffin, William Hector all of whom have been extensively imployed as surveyor Generals under our government I deem myself capable of doing any work in that line— Perhaps you might assist me in that business in the province of Texas

In 1813 I embarked in the cause of The Mexican patriots' furnished supplies and Recd Bills on the then commanding officer to the Amt of 2090 dolls by a man Authorized to draw and I was in the Province previous to the general Defeat near St Antonio, but could obtain nothing for monies advance. I wish to be informed if in your opinion the government when Organized will recognize Old Claims in the Patriotic Cause, in Land or Money.

Alijah Hull late of St Louis now of Vincennes

Stephen F Austin C. Comandant Colorado