Stephen F. Austin to Arthur G. Wavell, 07-04-1822

Summary: Agreement to form stock company to develop Texas.

Thip agreement made and entered into this 4 day of July 1822 between Stephen F Austin of the Province of Texas and Brigr General Arthur G Wavell witnesses, That said Austin and Wavell agree and by these presents contract with each other that all grants of lands made to either, or speculations in settling lands Mining or Commerce entered into by either in the Empire of Mexico shall be for the mutual benefit and advantage of both Subject however to the following conditions and stipulations to wit, —

1—The one half of a Concession for three hundred families originally granted to said Austin's father Moses Austin is excepted from this agreement, it having been heretofore conveyed to Joseph H. Hawkins of New Orleans

2—The said Wavell agrees to form a Company and raise capital in Europe to carry on the business of settling lands, farming, Mining or Commerce in this Empire for which purpose said Austin has given said Wavell a power of attorney — The capital is not to be less than fifty thousand Dollars

3—At the expiration of the term for which said partnership is formed with said Company one fourth of the lands acquired by virtue of grants to said Austin shall be at his, said Austin's disposal besides his share of the property as one of the Company

4—Said Austin shall denonuce Mines or salt springs when opportunity offers for the use of the company and all privileges and advantages of whatever nature granted to said Austin shall be for the use and benefit of said Company

5—The said Wavell hereby covenents and agrees with said Austin that should he (said wavell) die unmarried or childless then and in that case the whole of the Property acquired by grants and all the interest belonging to said Wavell in said Empire of Mexico and in the company concerns in which said Austin is made interested by this agreement shall become the property of said Austin who is by these presents made his (said Arthur G Wavell's) heir to the property and interest above mentioned —

In testimony whereof the said parties have hereto set their hands and seals the day and date above written done at the city of Mexico

Signed duplicates

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]

A G Wavell [Rubric]

Note should say J. H. Hawkins become one of the company by mutual consent then the claim relative to the land conveyed to him to be void

S. F. Austin [Rubric]