Robert C. Bruffey to Stephen F. Austin, 10-16-1822

Summary: Losses in coming to Texas and disappointment in learning nothing of Government and status of the colony. Write information about Government, toleration, terms.

Colorado October 16th 1822.

Dear Sir

I have detained here upwards of 6 months for the Purpose of having an Interview with you but now am forced to leave the country unsatisfied I left the papers relative to the Business for which I wanted to see you with your Brother there you may see what the True State of it is. God onley knows what it may yet cost me now allready it has been Ruinous from last years Trip to New Orleans and this year to this country in addition to what I have actually paid and what I may actually have to pay hereafter with loss of Time and all included will leave me in a State but little better than wreatched if not quite so in a pecuniary sence if not attended with loss of peace of mind I am also Truly Sorry that it was impossible to obtain the satisfaction of gaining one scrap of information Relative to your claim the Terms of Settlement the constitution of the government on its political situation as I had a strong intention to emigrate and thereby could have induced many others but now I can do nothing positive for which I am Truly sorry both on my own account as well as yours for I Truly wish you Success I wish you to write me on the Subject when you find it in your power and if possible make some arrangement for the Money for which I am bound as my property may have fallen a sacrifice unless the Laws of Replevin should have prevented before this time I have or may draw an order on you in favor of Mr Robert Cuykendall for thirty dollars from absolute necessity in order to get home if you can possible cansell it I would be much obliged when you write please say all that can be said with Regard to the Government liberality Toleration Terms of Settlement etc

Robert C. Bruffy

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr Province of Texas