Arthur G. Wavell to Stephen F. Austin, 12-10-1822

Summary: Can sell land and raise capital only when has official confirmation of the grant to show. Plan to develop mines.

London 10 Decr 1822

Dear Judge

A whole shower of my epistles will some day or other rain down on you since I have written to you from Charleston and hence repeatedly—My capture by the Pirates has played the Devil with us for a time but send me regularly and fully authenticated Documents to prove our right to dispose of the land or rather to prove the grant from the Govt and I can sell a large portion to immense advantage indeed had I them now ere a fortnight our fortunes would be made— The plan I propose is selling as large a quantity as I can for a good price and with the whole or a part of the proceeds working the remainder sending you out immediately whatever you require of course all contained in the lists—I could I doubt not procure cash even here (although the person on whom I depended has quitted business altogether) but although we shall necessarily lose some time waiting for Documents the sale of a part offers so many advantages in every point of view that I am inclined to wait and so would you be I am convinced if I could state the numerous reasons I have the principal one of course the bargain made under existing circumstances would be comparatively beyond measure unfavorable.—With regard to Mining I have made (enabled by Merchants) proposals to the Govt [of Mexico] of furnishing them with funds to a far greater extent than they could possibly have anticipated and my proposals and terms will I doubt not be accepted when that business will be carried on on an immense scale the whole I will fully explain to you as soon as the Govt gives its definitive answer which I expect in about three months since I have written by duplicate—Unluckily a d—d Charlatan has of late been selling Land on the Coast of Guatemala obtained on a grant which will never be confirmed by those who really possess the right of giving away the territory in question— The Bubble has burst and people now require Documents in order to ascertain the legitimacy of the cessions—What is become of Barry I know not Mr. OB—[?] I saw in the street a few days since the loan has not been brought into the market wherefore has I suspect wholly failed indeed I am told the intelligence I conveyed to you relative to Mr. B is perfectly correct the house he drew on Thomas Westenforrest [?] & CoMerchants cannot find any where and have since the affair got into the Spanish Papers of late often inquired of me about the transaction of which I of course avowed my ignorance as also of the Gent in question except from common report—Let me hear from you most fully and send Papers fully authenticated and descriptions of the land to be sold together with a Map of the province (The pirates stole mine) plans etc etc and we will do as well as you could wish—I am here over head and ears in business the count Vds Mine I shall I believe be enabled to settle as he wishes with a slight modification of his proposals believe me ever your most faithful friend

A G Wavell

Mr Exter has removed to 106 Fenchurch street—London where address me for the future

I am living in the city with a Merchant and amongst them in order to do my business more quickly—I reached this place on the 15th of last month only owing to the rascally Pirates

[Addressed] Stephen F. Austin to the care of J. H. Hawkins New Orleans Via New York

Pr Amity