Stephen F. Austin to James E. B. Austin, 12-25-1822

Summary: Waiting for Emperor to approve the colonization law. Celebrations in Mexico City.

City of Mexico Decr 25. 1822

A Merry and happy Christmas to my ever dear and beloved Brother—You are no doubt much astonished to see my letter dated at this place, the last I wrote which was about two weeks since I expected to have started in 6 days, the Colonization law passed the Junta near a month since and I then thought my business finished, but the Emperor has not yet approved it, and it will not be finished for at least three weeks more, So that you need not look for me short of two months from this day—Govr. Martinez and family arrived here in good health three days ago, they give a favourable account of your progress in the Spanish—pray do not my dear brother disappoint me in this particular, it is of all importance that you learn the language correctly, and particularly to write it grammatically, this can only be acquired by close attention and constant practice— Govr. Martinez informs me that a part of the things sent in the schooner Lively have arrived, you must do the best you can with them and live as frugal as possible I have sent you two drafts on New Orleans since I have been here for $50 each and you will make use of such clothes and other articles which came in the schooner as you may want.

I wrote you some time ago relative to taking a trip to New Orleans with Don Salvador Carrasco —he probably will not be able to go much before I arrive, as I am informed he has to wate for a quantity of hides from Chihuahua—on this subject you must act your discretion but if you go, write me fully to Saltillo care of Andrews, write every mail for 3 mails after you receive this directed to Saltillo and let one of the letters be in Spanish to give me a specimen of your improvement—do not be discouraged at my long delay and inform the settlers that I will not leave here until all is well arranged— "Blessed is he that holdeth out to the end" and I am determined to persevere.

The last letter I recd from you was dated some time in August, I excuse this silence as you must have thought I was on the road write to Mother every opportunity I wrote her this day by way of Tampico

There has been and still is much difficulty in the Province of Vera Cruz a Genl Santana has proclaimed a Republic, but he met with a defeat on the night of 20 and morning of the 21 at Xalapa which it is expected will soon force him to leave the Country or yield Everything is quiet here and this City appears pritty unanimous in favour of the Emperor—You have nothing to do or say about the Govt mind your studies—remember me most particularly to my Friend Don Erasmo and family and to the Baron de Bastrop and Berrimandi and Musquis, also present my respects to Govr. Trespalacios, you must cultivate a good and friendly understanding with him, visit him often—you have had a fine opportunity to study and I shall really be sorely disappointed if you have not made good use of it—War was this day proclaimed by the Emperor against Spain

This City has been and now is a constant scene of rejoicing illuminations etc. etc for three weeks past, on account of the birth of another prince and the return of the Emperor from Xalapa—fare- well, study hard, keep steady habits—live frugal—and keep up your spirits all will be right in the end—