James Wilkinson to Stephen F. Austin, 03-06-1823

Summary: Asks Austin's assistance in discovering and obtaining a grant to a suitable tract of land for a colony in Mexico.

Dr Sir,

I am desirous of procuring the location of a good tract of land for the settlement of three hundred families so remote from the sea coast as to be exempt from the epidemicks which infest that track of country, and at the same time as convenient to market, and easy of access as may be.

Timber and water form desiderata as important as the soil and surface, and of course a vally must be sought for such an one I understand presents on rear of Soto la Marina but may be discovered elsewhere in your route from this to Texas, in the progress of which favourable opportunities will present of forwarding my views for which I hereby promise and bind myself and heirs to make you a clear title gratuitously for one tenth part of any location or locations you may furnish and for which I may obtain a title from this government The tract must be clear of preocupancy and the limits as nearly defined as may be practicable without survey. The sooner I receive your information the better, and for fear of miscarriage it would be advisable that you transmit it by duplicates directed under cover to Don Mateo Fernback reloxero Mexico

Given in the city of Mexico March 6 1823

thine in toto

James Wilkinson

[Addressed:] Stephen F. Austin Esqr