Robert Andrews to Stephen F. Austin, 04-19-1823

Summary: Wants surveying in the colony. Introducing Ramos Arispe.

Parras Apl 19th 1823

Dear friend Stephen

It is now some time since I recd a letter from you, it is six weeks since I left Saltillo, but having no information of your having passed there, I presume you are in Mexico yet to which place I direct this letter, believing that you understand your business, and knowing the confused state of public affairs I have no idea you will leave there soon - I will say but little untill I receive your answer - I am in good health but doing a very slender business, I intend to go to Durango in a month or two if nothing particular takes place, but shall be here long enough to receive your ansr I am a candidate of the office of surveyor in the province of Texas, if a removal should take place which might be the case the reasons I advance in my letter to the Revd Doctr Dn Miguel Ramos de Arispe who is my friend are the following—all the necessities of running the surveys according to the true meridian which must be ascertained by the surveyor in sd province - of calculating the contents by Lat. and depart. the only true method, likewise the ability of the surveyor to do all this, keep his records in Spanish, speak English and attend personally to the work, all of which are very assencial to the peace and quietude of the inhabitants and consequently to government, to do all this, to the satisfaction of Govt and the people, I pledge my [self], your friendship in this can be of much service - seeing that my profession can do but little for me in the country I have thought sometimes of establishing myself on a farm near the falls on the Collorado with about 20 of those labouring Indians but I am in much hesitation what to do, I wish to hear from you very much concerning your ideas prospects etc. If the Doct. Hamos should be in Mexico I wish very much you would seek an acquaintance with him, the first introduction to which may be a visit on my part with my best wishes for his health etc. which I believe is the mode of the country - you will be pleased with him no doubt and my particular friend Ximenes del Rio who must never be forgotten if he should be with the Doct. or in the House of Mrs. Odonohu where he hitherto lived for he is an excellent youth

Andrews [Rubric]

[Addressed:] A Sr. Dn Estefan F Austin Mexico