Robert Leftwich to Stephen F. Austin, 04-30-1823

Summary: Thanks of Robert Leftwich and Haden Edwards for advice about procuring land grants. Mexican politics.

City Mexico 30th April [1823]

Dear Friend

I had the pleasure this morning to receive your esteemed favour dated Queretero 23d Instant, and I am glad to hear that you are thus far on your long journey.

I have to acknowledge your particular friendship for the enclosed letter to Señor Arispe this is adding one more favour to the many hundreds already received, I read your letter to Major Edwards so far as it alluded to the land subject for which he begs to acknowledge your friendship, and we are both pleased with the advise you have given for us to pursue in getting our business closed as the highest proof that we could give you of our intense approbation of your plan I need only say to you that we lost no time in presenting your letter to Al Señor Arispe who appeared much pleased at receiving a line from you on receiving it he smiled and said it was from you before he opened it, on reading it he gave the highest assurances of his friendship and promised to use his exertions on our behalf in which I believe him to be sincere. It is our intention to reward him handsomely for his trouble which in addition to what you said to him on that subject we have given him further assurance to that effect what appeared perfectly congenial to his feelings.

The Emperor left Tulancingo on the 20th instant and is to embark in the British brig Thomas. Generals Bravo and Victoria are to set for Mexico as soon as Iturbide sets sail.

General Gurera arrived at St Augustine on the 28th recovering of his wound slowly.

business in congress goes on in the old stile business of every description slow and mañana and passado mañana as usual.

There is nothing transpired here since your departure, should anything occur worthy of remark you shall receive it without delay.

I have the pleasure to inform you that I am enjoying perfect health tho feel considerable weakness in my right arm which you may perceive from my great imperfection in my hand writing.

Please write me from every point when it may be convenient for you to do so. Should it be in my power to serve you before or on my return to the United States I assure you that you have nothing more to do than to advise me of your wishes.

In whatever part of the world that chance may take you, you have my warmest wishes for your health prosperity and happiness.


P. S. I regret that you should have met with any difficulty on your departure from Mexico believing that the man who kept our horses treated you rascally I have taken my horses away and Rogers has attempted to see him to day to ask an explanation of his conduct but did not see him he charged me for two days more than my horses was under his care which I would not pay.

R. L.

[Addressed:] Al Señor Don Estovan Austin Monterey Tierra a Texas. Maj Burne