Rawson Alley to Unknown, 08-16-1823

Summary: James Cummins elected alcalde of the Colorado district. List of voters.

James Cummins for Alcalde [14 votes]


1 Joseph Kekendall

2 Jacob Betts

3 Seth Ingram

4 Wm B. Dewese [Dewees]

5 Thomas Gray

6 Charles Garret

7 Daniel Gillaland

8 Micajah Reeder

9 Jesse Burnum

10 James Ross

11 Thomas Williams

12 Robert Kekendall

13 Thomas Jamison

14 Rawson Alley

I certify that at an election held at the House of Robert Kekendall [Kuykendall] on Saturday the 16th of August 1823 for the purpose of voting in an Alcaldy that James Cummins was Unanimously Elected by the within named voters.

Augt. 16th 1823

Rawson Alley Clk. of the Election

James Cummins Judge of the Election

[Endorsed:] A Pool [poll] Book of an Election held at the House of Robert Kekendoll on Saturday the 16th of Augt. 1823