Unknown to Unknown, 08-xx-1823

Summary: Form of land certificate.

[August —, 1823.]

By the decree of his Ymperial Majesty Agustín late Emperor of Mexico relative to the Colony of Stephen F Austin in the Province of Texas dated February 18 1823 and confirmed by the Decree of the Sovereign Congress of Mexico on the 10 of April same year and by the Supreme Executive Power on the 14 of the same month it is decreed amongst other things as follows to wit

"Se autorisa a dicho Austin para que acompañado del Gobernador de Texas ó de un Comicionado qe este nombre proceda a repartir, señalar y poner en posecion a cada uno de los nuevos Colonos de la cantidad de Tierra qe va indicada y qe les expida el titulo á nombre del Gobierno."

And the Governor of the said Province of Texas by his decree dated Bexar 16 of June 1823 appoints and commissions the Baron de Bastrop Alcalde de segundo voto the commissioner with full powers and faculties to carry into effect the said decree of the superior Govt above recited—Now therefore be it known that we Stephen F Austin founder of said Colony and the Baron de Bastrop Commissioner of the Government exercising the faculties granted them by law do by these presents in the name of the Mexican Govt grant and concede in full and absolute property to N. G. a settler introduced by said Austin and to his heirs and assigns forever the quantity of one Sitio of land situated and bounded as follows— which tract of land on examination by said Commissioner is declared to be of the quality designated in the law as agostadero—which land must be actually inhabited and cultivated within two years from the date of this concession as is provided in the 2nd. section of the Law of Colonization.